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To understand how to build self-worth we first must understand what it is not.  It is not a to-do list.  Meaning a list of things you have to accomplish in order to have it.  Self-worth is not found in your job.  Though being happy in your job can definitely contribute, it does not define you.  It is not your social media status, nor will you be able to accomplish what you desire in this arena.  Self-worth is not defined by your age.  It is life long and does not see this as a barrier.  Finally, self-worth is not defined by the people around you.  You are an individual with your own values and attributes.  Do not let those around you determine that.  Know it is not your “things”.  Your things and the things you own do not define you.
There are certainly consequences if one does not have a sense of self-worth.  Depression and addiction, engaging in risky behaviors, and abuse are a few of those horrific consequences. This is why it is crucial to building your self-worth.  It is something to be worked on every day.
So how do we build self-worth? Gently remind yourself of what it is not.  Especially when those people, jobs, media, or barriers find a way to sneak into your mind.  Don’t be dependent on success, flattery or adoration.  Identify, challenge, and externalize your own inner critic.  Calm those inner voices to see yourself for who you really are.
Increase your self-understanding.  Know thy self.  Boost your self-acceptance and self-love.  Take responsibility for yourself and for your mistakes.  Apologize if necessary to those you need to.  Acknowledge and notice the suffering of those around you and lend a helping hand.  But also notice the suffering within yourself and nurture it.  Be kind and caring to yourself.  Remember that imperfections are part of every person’s human experience.
Feel your feelings.  Don’t attempt to numb them out.  Know that no matter what you will survive, you’ll get through it and things will be ok.  What’s meant to be will be and God has a plan.  Delight in the “joy of missing out”.  You may not be invited to every event, party, occasion and that is ok.  We all experience this.  Take that time away to work on yourself of nurture you. Know that it is not what happens to you but it is how you respond.  You are in control of your reactions.  Always try to pause before reacting.  You won’t regret it.
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Most importantly do what you love and love what you do.  This certainly applies to career, but also hobbies, daily activities, what you set out to accomplish every day.  Your days should be filled with joy and happiness.  Every day is a new day with new opportunities to fill it with love and value.
I hope this article helps to educate you on self-worth and gives you ideas on how you may accomplish it in your life.  Let it serve as a guide.  Print it out, read it again and again until you feel the worth and self-love in your life! You deserve it!

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