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Lavender essential oil how I love thee…… We know it smells amazing. It helps you sleep. It helps to calm your nerves. But it also has amazing skin healing properties.

Lavender oil has antimicrobial properties. It is amazing as a first aid treatment for healing burns. In fact, it is my go to when I have a first-degree burn. I have seen many treatment options in my history as an emergency room nurse but in my experience lavender oil is a top option.

This essential oil heals acne, calms cysts, combats oily skin and combats irritation. Sounds like a miracle right? It actually is! I add it directly to my skin moisturizers and eye creams that I purchase from other skin care lines. I prefer Young Living essential oils because I believe they pass quality and safety standards. I add about 4-5 extra drops of lavender essential oil directly into my purchased products just to add the extra benefit!

I have also read lavender oil combats anti-aging and wrinkles. So just one more miracle to add to the list! With all these benefits why wouldn’t you start adding lavender to your beauty routine today!

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