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A full outfit look put together by chicwish!
I recently discovered a new website and I’m absolutely in love! The website is chicwish and I’m including the link here:
What I love about this site is the vintage meets modern vibe. I just love the looks of the women in the 1950s and early 1960s.  I think it’s lovely to wear a full skirt or housedress for reasons other then a party, just as they did back then.  It makes me feel feminine, eloquent and truly just pretty which increases my feelings of confidence for the day! Don’t get me wrong, I still love my T shirts and jeans but why not dress up and look lovely once in awhile! This site offers many pieces that allow for just that.
In this post today I’m going to highlight what I purchased and how I plan to pair it this spring!
My Secret Weapon Maxi

My Secret Weapon Maxi Retail $59.90

Chicwish offers dozens and dozens of tulle skirts. They have endless options including maxi, short, layered, designs and even ones with glitter! I went for this Grey tulle skirt as I felt it would work well as a transition piece into spring. I plan to pair it with one of the white shirts I bought from the site which I’ll highlight below.  But for cooler weather I found a look where it was paired with an off the shoulder short sweatshirt making it look almost rockstarish! I thought this was an awesome idea! Definitely happy with this item!
A Fan of Bowknot Crop Top

A Fan of Bowknot Crop Top in White
Retail $59.90

I absolutely loved this croptop pictured above! The plan is to pair it with the tulle skirt I bought.  I fell in love with the tie bow in the back.  This top will pair well with anything when the weather gets warmer. As a result, I will wear it with jeans, capris, shorts and skirts I already have.  I’m happy with this purchase because it is a versatile shirt which I know will be worn frequently!
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Angel Amour Crochet Trims Open-Back Crop Top

Angel Amour Crochet Trims Open-Back Crop Top
Retail $54

This crochet top reminded me of the looks from the 1930s and 1940s. This top will also pair with either of the skirts I bought.  It can be worn with jeans as to dress up the outfit a little bit and make it more eloquent. Because we still have many cool days ahead I thought it would pair well with a button up sweater as we transition between seasons.
Applause of Ruffle Tiered Frill Hem Skirt in Blue Stripes

Applause of Ruffle Tiered Frill Hem Skirt in Blue Stripes
Retail $79.90

I also bought this tiered ruffle skirt and I’m so glad I did! Because I love how it has tulle, layers, crosses over, and is hi lo.  I’m sure I’ll be wearing it a lot and it goes well with either top. Because it is hi in the front, I figure I can still wear my knee high boots with it and show them off while the weather is still cool. Just love everything about this piece.
Discount Codes
Right now chicwish is offering codes too for $5 off a $70 order (code: VA5), $15 of $120 (code: VA15) and $20 off of $150 (code: VA20).  I’m not sure how often they offer this special and you can find the codes right on the site as well. Check it out soon!
As you can tell I’m very excited I discovered this new fashion line! Therefore it will probably be one of the top sites I shop from now. I’d love to know what is one of your favorite new fashion lines or websites for 2019?


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