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There was an eating disorder, alcoholism, sexual assaults, emergency room nursing, the suicide of family members, a death of a good friend in high school, a baby out of wedlock, abuse by boyfriends.  God……. the survival of the fittest.
I think my initial trauma formed my life course.  It also made me the survivor to endure it. For many years I have helped others with their traumas.  Emotionally and medically.  I have suffered caregiver burn out fatigue because of it.
It is now time for me to take care of myself a little bit. If I don’t it is an open invitation for another trauma to walk on into my life. So I’m making big changes to not let that happen. Blogging is one.  I can talk about my past and my fears in an open forum even though some judge and frown upon me for it.  I’m also pursuing a career as a life coach.  I think it’s amazing.  I’m learning how to improve my own life while learning how to improve the lives of others.
We only can do the best we can. But we don’t have to live in trauma. Nor live in the inevitable of having to live our lives as a multi-trauma survivor for the rest of our lives.  I’m calling a stop to it in my own life. I hope you’ll join me! ]]>

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