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Today I did a little self care. I finally went and got my hair dyed! I had waited three months to do this. Part of the reason is cost. The other is because I have REALLY THICK hair and it takes 4-5 hours to cut and color it. I was there from noon until 5 pm. I have to say, I think it was well worth the hours spent. I love the end result!


As I was sitting there, I was thinking about all we do as women to look beautiful everyday. I was comparing myself to all the beautiful women there. Many whom were about ten to fifteen years younger then myself. They had perfect make up, perfect hair and were much thinner then I. I couldn’t help but be envious.

Recently I was in a relationship where I worked hard to impress the man every time I saw him. Make up in place. Hair done. Outfit in tact. This was because in my eyes he was a perfect specimen of a man, though this simply was not true. He had many flaws in character. I drove myself crazy trying to impress him that in the end it never would have mattered anyway. I lost my confidence a long the way. Which may have been the most attractive thing about me in the beginning. In losing that I ultimately lost my appeal. I could have looked drop dead gorgeous every night. I don’t think it would have saved that relationship. My insecurities were pouring out.

At the salon today I took note that they were creeping out again. I think it’s important to note when this happens. Because it’s not attractive. We are our own worst enemies. We can sit in that chair and have someone make us look beautiful for five hours but we will never be pretty enough unless we believe it for ourselves. Confidence is key. And unless we find it in ourselves, out word appearance is worthless.

So this week I hope to keep working on kindness towards me. Increasing my own self worth. Continuing to work on my confidence! With that only good things can come!


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