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Stress. I’ve been under so much lately I haven’t found time to blog. Much of this is surrounding trying to find a full time job. I’m switching career fields which is actually being forced upon me. I’m finding it much harder to find satisfying work as I’m approaching 40. Or maybe I’m being picky. Probably a combination.

The financial stress of not having a full time job the last few months is draining. I don’t know how some people do it. This is the first time in my life I have truly been unemployed and it’s been heavy. The one blessing is I can now relate to those who have also experienced similar situations. We can have long conversations on the ups and downs of unemployment until the sun comes up.

I’ve been trying to launch this blog. Having no previous experience in blogging this has been surreal. I had no idea what I was getting into. The writers block, knowing the ins and outs of the internet, website design, email lists, content. Much of this I had never heard of before a few months ago. My following has been minuscule. I continue to push on.

Single parenting has been showing its head. My daughter has emotional and behavioral disregulation. Out family stress due to the unemployment certainly hasn’t helped. I often feel I’m failing as a mom. I recently was asked to guest write for a mom blog. I wonder if I’m qualified when every day it seems like my child despises me.
This is me being real. Open. Raw. We don’t get enough of that these days. I’m working towards being a life coach someday. That doesn’t mean my life is perfectly together. In fact most days it feels like it’s falling apart.

But I keep pushing forward. I don’t give up. On a job, my blog, or being a mom. I work through my failures. I find strength when I give myself self care. I find it through positive connections with people. I accomplish one small task at a time. It’s all I can do.

So keep pushing tribe. Whoever you are. I need your support and I’ll give you mine. We need it to survive this madness. I hope you are blessed and taking care of your stress and I’ll keep pushing my way through with mine!

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