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The first group of tips involve actually leaving your home.  Some ideas include going for a walk in nature, catching a movie, exploring a part of the city you have never seen before or relaxing at a local coffee shop.  The important thing is to change your environment and to get out of the house! We tend to isolate and too much of that is no good for the soul.
Reading is form of self care.  This means actually picking up a real book, not reading from the internet.  Turning on a diffuser with essential oils while you read is even better! Want to treat yourself to more? Why not order in some lunch! All of these are ways to pamper yourself.
It’s important to remember to celebrate your small victories in life.  Recognize your accomplishments.  One way to do this is through hobbies.  Engaging in hobbies is an excellent form of self care.  You can create a vision board for your personal goals.  Then celebrate as you accomplish them!
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Meditation, deep breathing, and yoga are excellent ways to take care of yourself.  Creating an environment that is tidy and maintained is also important.  It may not feel like self care while you are cleaning but after the face you will feel rewarded.  Make simple meals or menu plan to take the stress out of cooking.  Always try to maintain a schedule and organize life tasks.  Try to start a morning and evening routine that you will stick to.
Practice being kind to others so others will return the favor.  Volunteer as you will be amazed the feeling you get in yourself through helping others.  Challenge yourself to have conversations with strangers when you are out running errands.  On the other hand, try to avoid toxic people.  This includes both those you interact with in person and on social media.  Unfriend them if you have to.  Surround yourself with those who are enthusiastic and positive!
Spend time with family and friends.  You might accompany them while they run errands. Help them with a difficult task they are working on.  Arrange a fun activity and give your family your undivided attention.  Take a day trip with a friend you haven’t had contact with in awhile!
Some lovely ways to end your day might include watching the sunset.  Give yourself 20 minutes of quiet time to unwind. Write in a journal and express gratitude.

The most important thing about self care is that you implement it and make it a practice daily.  Do it until it becomes routine.  Your life will change for the better.
I hope this article gave you some inspiration to practice self care today! What are some unique ways you practice self care daily?

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