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I’ve decided to reach out to guest bloggers for the month of May. I’m focusing much of my content on relationships. It feels like an appropriate time as it’s been heavy on my heart lately.

Surviving emotional trauma and narcissistic relationships gives you much strength. But it takes so much time to heal. I often find myself being pulled back. Back into the memories, the abuse and still wondering about my part.

That’s what narcissists do to us though. They often leave us so traumatized we can’t help but re live it over and over again. We so often are left wondering what? Why? How?

I’ve learned we will never get those answers. We must somehow pray for peace. Continue to work HARD on ourselves to heal. It is work every day to learn to love yourself again. That is if you ever really loved yourself in the first place.

I do know this though. Narcissists pick very specific people. They do not pick losers. They wouldn’t be associated with a loser. You were targeted for your amazing qualities. And when they started to really shine and he felt threatened he tried all that he could to dim that shimmer. Don’t let him. Shine on.

Know you aren’t alone. Please feel free to comment if you’re a survivor and reach out to connect to others. Together we will heal!

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