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If you begin to follow my blog you will see me write a lot about sustainable fashion. According to Wikipedia, “Sustainable clothing refers to fabrics derived from eco-friendly resources, such as sustainably grown fiber crops or recycled materials. It also refers to how these fabrics are made.” There are about a hundred reasons why I believe this is a fashion must but I will just lay out a few reasons here today.


Sustainable fashion is made of quality fabrics. Thus it lasts longer. Often if taken care of your garments can last decades. Think of the clothing Grandma owned! Remember how it lasted decade after decade. It was because of the quality to which it was made and the fabric used. Sustainable clothing is made in this same regard. Invest in it and it will last.

Speaking of cost, it is often not much more then what we in the sustainable world call “fast fashion” (fast fashion is anything that isn’t sustainable fashion). Often times you will see it at cost of maybe 5%-10% more then it’s fast fashion comparitive. Very worth it considering it will last you decades longer.

Sustainable fashion is now available in VERY cute and stylish pieces. It has grown in popularity across Europe and Asia. High end, luxury stylists are now investing, designing and carrying sustainable lines. You can find adorable garments in almost any style you choose.

Sustainable fashion is ethically made. It is almost always fair trade. It is made in factories where workers are treated fairly and ethically. These companies stand by it. Since sustainable fashion lines care about the environment and humanity, they are sometimes made from recycled materials. Some companies will take and donate your old clothing to make sure it is disposed of in an ethical matter. Such an amazing circle!

Lastly, sustainable fashion is free of harmful chemicals like flame retardant that is found in fast fashion brands. Did you know all those chemicals are found in our fast fashion clothing? These brands are dedicated to being toxic and chemical free so unless it is regulated by law, you can be sure there is nothing additional added to your clothing.

Buy clothes that matter. Pay attention to your shopping. If you find something you like…wait. Try and see if a sustainable line sells something similar. It is well worth the hunt!



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